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Kindergarten - Fundations

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A new school year has begun.  I will be using a program called Fundations to teach some important basics of reading, writing, and spelling.

What is Fundations?

Fundations provides a systematic (follows a definite sequence and procedure for teaching)  and explicit  (leaves no room for guessing, teaches all concepts directly) approach to reading and spelling with phonics.  

I look forward to a successful year using Fundations. I'm looking forward to teaching and helping your child build a strong foundation for literacy.

Program Highlights

    • Letter formation associated with sounds
    • Write manuscript letters in lower-case and upper-case
    • Print knowledge and concepts of print: track left to right/top to bottom of the page/match spoken words to printed words
    • Identify separate words in an oral sentence;segment words into syllables;segment syllables into sounds (phonemes)-up to 3 sounds
    • Phoneme substitution, deletion, addition, and manipulation activities done with letter cards and tiles to assist cognitive manipulation
    • Isolate phonemes using a tapping procedure for both blending and segmenting (segment phonemes in words; blend phonemes into words)
    • Alphabetic order
    • Know a-z /letter sound relationships (map letter to sound and sound to letter)
    • Read and spell approximately 200 cvc words
    • Read targeted high-frequency words: the, a, and, is, was
    • Identify 75% of the first 100 high frequency words, including 25-30 irregular (trick words) such as the, was, a, of
    • Identify and name correct punctuation (period, question mark)
    • Identify used for beginning of sentences and names of people
    • Retell short narrative sentences
    • Echo-read a short passage with correct phrasing and expression