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The Garden

The entire school body has a weekly forty-minute class within the garden. If the weather is inclement, the class is conducted inside the school. Gardening terms, planting techniques, art projects and work sheets are reinforcing the learned garden knowledge

What to Expect

Quogue School Garden Mission Statement

The aim of the Quogue School Garden is to provide the school, students and community with an outdoor learning resource to support curriculum areas and promote gardening, creativity and environmental awareness as an extracurricular activity. Our garden will connect students to the world of plants, nurturing delight and curiosity while inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment. Students will take part in “hands on learning” about sustainable food, organic gardening techniques, healthy lifestyles and nutrition. The Quogue School Garden will be a creative space that beautifies the school grounds. It will provide a gathering space and landscape so the students may come together and respectfully connect to each other in a safe, natural and inspiring environment for the purpose of sharing, learning and building a sense of community gardening.

Meet Ms. Ginger

I’m happy to be sharing my love of growing things with all of you and your children. Gardening is my other passion, right behind creating art!! At home, I have over 70 house plants, multiple perennial gardens and a 20’ x 40’ vegetable garden. I’ve been gardening in some fashion or another since 1984. For the past two years I’ve been working with Cornell Cooperative Extension. I completed the on-line Advanced Training Class for LI Gardeners and the Master Gardener Volunteer Class. I’ve learned about the following: soil, garden botany, beneficial insects, composting, vegetable and fruit gardening, lawn care, plant disease, managing wildlife, pests and much more. My lastest accomplishment is becoming a member of the Edible Garden Community that serves many East End schools. It’s a wonderful network and support system for garden educators like myself. I look forward to working with you in the garden! -Ms. Ginger