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About Us

Welcome to

Quogue Union Free School District

We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for our students. Our district is nestled in the vibrant and tight-knit community of Quogue, where we strive to foster a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and a love for learning.

Mission Statement

The Quogue School District's mission is to develop a collaborative process for decision-making within the school and the community: To develop literate, numerate, fit, civic-minded, social young students ingrained with a desire to learn, possessing good work habits with a well-developed understanding of right from wrong and the balance of duties and rights; To prepare all students for lifelong learning and personal growth; To actively involve all members of the school community in the life of our school. We will strive to clarify directives for elementary education at the local level and to make education relevant to students.


Academic Excellence

With a dedicated team of educators, administrators, and support staff, we create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that caters to the unique needs and interests of each student. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet rigorous academic standards while offering a well-rounded education that encompasses various disciplines, including arts, sciences, humanities, and technology.