Why SEL?

Social & Emotional Learning


Children's social and emotional heatlh affects their overall development and learning.  Research indicates that children who are mentally healthy tend to be happier, show greater motivation to learn, have a more positive attitude toward school, more eagerly participate in class actviities, and demonstrate higher academic performance than less mentally healthy peers (Hyson 2004; Kostelnik et al. 2015).  

Children who exhibit social and emotional difficulties tend to have trouble following directions and participating in learning activities.  Compared with healthier peers, they may be more likely to suffer rejection by classmates, have low self-esteem, do poorly in school, and be suspended (Hyson 2004, Kostelnik et al. 2015).  Thus, Children's social and emotional health is just as important as their physical health, and affects their capacity to develop and potentioal to lead a fulfilling life.